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execution issues plaguing Hokies' offense

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1. "Anaboliset Aineet" After problems earlier this year "Anabolika Definition" with interceptions and penalties, the issues of the moment on offense are consistency and execution.

Most Hokies fans have seen it the last two weeks. Offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler just put it into words Wednesday. Tech has been able to put a play or two together but has struggled to string together anything more than that.

Loeffler pointed to a couple examples in the first quarter against Miami. The Hokies missed a blocking assignment on third and inches on their first drive. They missed a bubble screen to Bucky Hodges on a second down of Comprar Levitra the second drive, then missed "Oxandrolone Powder India" a third down play that Loeffler said "should be an easy completion."

"There were nine opportunities alone in the first half that I thought could change the complexion of the game, and that where we at right now," Loeffler said. "Our kids have got to understand that every single play matters."

The Hokies started moving the ball in the second half by going no huddle and finding a rhythm, only to be derailed by the fumbles.

"If you look at us, we started out the season executing decently, then we went into a turnover a bug, then we went into a penalty bug, now we in a phase where at times we not executing consistently," Loeffler said. "So we hopefully getting all these growing pains out of our system.

"At the end of the day, you got to worry about what you can control, you got to get better, you got to encourage your kids that at the end of the day we can improve and there light at the end of the tunnel."

Did he think these consistency issues would be ironed out by now?

"Not with all the youth," Loeffler said. "It just like [fullback] Sam Rogers said. He said, year I needed to think. I was a Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Length step slow. This year I can play as fast as I want to play, because he older, he stronger. At times, hearing a play for Isaiah Ford and hearing a play for Cam [Phillips], that might have been their 22nd time hearing that play. And Sam Rogers has heard that play 150 times."

2. Attempts at throwing the ball deep didn't happen because Tech couldn't draw up Miami's defensive backs with its ground game.

Had Tech gotten a first down on its first drive, Loeffler had an intermediate pass planned next. As it turned out, the Hokies never got that far. It was a problem all night against the Hurricanes.

"They a bail Cover 3 team, and what we wanted to do is establish the run game, get the safeties in the box, get the corners nosy, and then push the ball down the field," Loeffler said. "And we never had that opportunity whatsoever .

"You had to be smart pushing the ball down the field. You had to establish the run game. You had to get the safeties down in the box and then throw it over their head. And we just didn get that done."

3. Loeffler doesn't think quarterback Michael Brewer has lost his confidence.

When asked about what he thinks of Brewer's confidence, Loeffler answered broadly about what quarterbacks have to do in order to block out what he termed "the noise."

"It part of our job description," Loeffler Turinabol Female Dosage said. "There are many times that the media, the outside world is praising him, and he didn play particularly well. And there times where you take way too much criticism. And that part of the job description."

Loeffler didn't sound like someone who was thinking of switching anything up at quarterback, not with Brewer being a guy who is returning next season.

"You got to focus on what you can control," Loeffler said. "And I do think these next couple weeks are really important for him to be able to handle the noise. And in handling the noise, you better shut the noise off. It comes from everywhere."

4. Boston College sounds like a legit defensive challenge.

When Logan Thomas had his up and down day in Chestnut Hill last year, throwing for 391 yards but also committing four turnovers, Loeffler said the criticism he took after the game which reached its apex was misguided, since he had so much to do against Boston College in order for the Hokies to have any success.

Loeffler reiterated today the challenge the Eagles present.

"I think besides playing Bud every day, I think playing this defense Winstrol W Tabletkach Cykl is probably our biggest challenge schematically," he said. "There a reason they ranked eighth in the country right now. They playing extremely hard and they do some problematic things up front and on the back end that you got to have your hands wrapped around, and if not, you can be in a world of trouble."

Though he didn't get into the specifics, BC has put up some great numbers. The Eagles are giving up only 299.8 total yards per game and 91.4 yards per game on the ground (6th nationally).

5. Linebacker Andrew Motuapuaka's play does not seem to be as big of an issue as it seemed watching the game.

Much of this post has been about the offense, since I wrote about the Hokies' rushing defense for Thursday's paper, but defensive coordinator Bud Foster said Chase Williams (knee) will probably be only used in an emergency Saturday.

That means Andrew Motuapuaka, who had 11 tackles last week, will start again. Foster said that he was pleased with Motuapuaka's play last Saturday, suggesting that the Hokies' front seven issues weren't his fault.

"I think Motuapuaka will play a little better," Foster said. "And he played pretty good. He was one guy who played pretty consistent in our front area. . He can be a little "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" more vocal and that type of thing, but I was pleased with his performance the other day."